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The name 'Rest'

Our name comes from the crotchet rest sign in music. Music not only consists of notes and sound but at the same time requires silence just like we need in life. Sometimes we as humans occupy ourselves and forget to have a break among our busy schedules. We hope that 'Rest' reminds you and provides you the space to take a rest.


Rest Space

Our aim is to create a unique space where people can get together to both enjoy their time but at the same time to learn about music, arts and the world of specialty coffee.

Rest Roastery and Cafe

Coffee is a fruit and we strongly believe that it should be treated as such. All our coffees are single origin, 100% arabica, specialty grade coffees. We only buy seasonally picked fresh green coffee and roast them at our facilities to make sure that our customers always have access to the highest quality cup.


We are a team of two coffee enthusiasts consisting of a pianist and a materials scientist/engineer. 

Starting as a hobby, we were soon convinced that we needed to share our knowledge with other people by creating this space. 

Our founder, Narden Sonel, is the only CQI licenced Q grader in Cyprus. Narden is also a sensory judge and judges at SCA brewers and barista competitions in various countries.


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